Now you can choose the shape and the material of the seat´s back as you wish.

Different forms:

Kissen Standard
Kissen Dreieck
Kissen Herz
Kissen Mond
No. 50
No. 51
No. 52
No. 53

Cover and Upholstery materials:

The and de luxe are upholsterd with 100% pure natural latex,
cocos material and a pure organic fabric. This fabric „ wintex ecoline“ 68 % wool, 32% ramie
is proven to be safe and environmentaly friendly.
The materials and the colours are 100 % biodegradeble.

The cushion and seat covers are available in these colours:
Yellow (10), blue (11), red (12), turquoise (13), black (14)

Leather covers: nappa /nubuk leather „ schomisch ecopell“ ,
tanned with natural plant extracts, which are environmentally friendly.

nappa: hazelnut (20) blue (21) red (22) green (23) black (24)
additional charge: 92,- €

nubuk: hazelnut (30) blue (31) prune (32) moss green (33) black (34)
additional charge: 92,- €

light and light extra are provided with removable cushions.
It can be removed from the chair and washed with the filling
Cover material:
100 % microfibre out of 35 % cotton and 65 % polyester.
The microweb material is with teflon to keep the material resistant against stains.

You can choose the Microweb material in following colours:
Yellow (10) blue (11) red (12) black (14)

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