Dear friends of „healthy sitting“

This chair on which you sit, nearly at ground level,
will allow you to sit anatomically correct and comfortably.

Finding the right model:

Everybody has a different body length, stature and mobility, therefore everyone
needs his /her individual height of the chair. Choosing the right medio model,
you pile up some books or magazines and try to find a pleasant hight to sit
cross-legged and relaxed. When you have found your correct height, take a ruler measure.

Now you can choose:

de luxe

With this model you are able to change even the height of the seat.
You can choose heights from 7 up to 9 cm above the floor.
The seat can be tipped to the front, to the back and to the sides, responding to your
personal individual stature. If you tip the seat to the front the pelvis is tipped as well.
That supports the spine in keeping itself upright. This sitting position is highly
recommended by physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists.
The seat back can be continously adjusted up and down.
The angle of the seat back can also be continously adjusted to the front or the back.

Seat measures: normal, slim, large
Upholstery: pure latex and cocos material.
Weight: ca. 3000 grams.

normal seat 28 x 40 cm (L x W)
No. 200    365, - €

Equipement to sit high
attachement for the de luxe


If your individual height of sitting needs to be higher than 7 cm
we are able to provide three adaptors. They can be easily screwed on to the chair.

10 – 12 cm No. 601   35, -
13 – 15 cm No. 602   35, -
16 – 18 cm No. 603   35, -

all three together No. 604 100, - €

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