relaxed meditation
comfortable sitting
easy transport

The meditation- and hobbychair

This chair has been especially developed to achieve a comfortable and ergonomically
correct position in the lotus posture, crosslegged or in a kneeing position.

Your back posture is straightend and supported by the chair back.
You sit upright and your spine, is supported comfortably in the correct position.

Three stepless adjustments allow you to bring the chair into the correct position,
acccording to your individual body mesuresments.

The three possibilities of adjustment are:
- to adjust the height of the chair´s back
- to adjust the angle of the chair´s back
- to adjust the angle of the seat is surface to tip it to the front
  (tips the hip in front to set the spine upright)

Theadjusts to suit your body.
It keeps your back straight and you healthy.

The ideal chair, if you need an individual chair-height and comfort.
The ideal sitting position with which you can spend hours on following your hobby or work.
For example:
your meditation and meetings, painting, reading or playing an instrument or at work
as a potter, footcarer or in the kindergarden.

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